The Infinite Loop

Your team’s mission is to move between the virtual and the real world, look for clues and free the boy trapped in virtual reality.

  • 10 - 100
  • 2 hours
  • Indoor

Different and attractive

One team member wears the VR goggles and describes the virtual world, while members in the real world are looking for solutions to open doors to different rooms. When you complete the first level, you will move to the next and face even more complex door lock mechanisms.

Facing challenges

The Infinite Loop is based on real-time collaboration and communication. The more accurate a player is in the virtual world when describing a problem, the faster team members in the real world will find a solution. Due to repetitive learning, combined with constant feedback and improvement, teams are solving problems more and more effectively.

Key business benefits

  • Continuous improvement
  • Real-time communication
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Repetitive learning


We have been interested in TBA before and recently started working together. We trusted them to organize a team building program Infinite Loop. I can praise their responsiveness as well as being proactive and helpful. I recommend them to anyone who is already aware of or just beginning to realize the importance of good performance, teamwork, trust and energy.

Alen Mujkič

System Administration Manager

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