VR - La Casa de Dinero

NEW! A virtual reality bank robbery with all the excitement of the real thing!

  • 10 - 70
  • 1 hour
  • Indoor

Facing challenges

This highly engaging VR team building activity captures all the tension and drama of the La Casa de Papel novel. Participants "puzzle" through several stages, exchanging VR goggles. During their adventure, teams need to solve several types of problems: opening safes, deactivating bombs, turning off alarms, and ultimately finding their way from the virtual world back to reality.

Will you escape?

In order for a team to be successful, its members must acquire information quickly and communicate effectively.

The program is a powerful exercise in developing reasoning and teamwork skills.

Key business benefits

  • Active communication
  • Collaborative deduction
  • Team Dynamics
  • Decision making
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