Among Vineyards and Wineries

An extremely relaxing team program that contains elements of orientation, hiking, classic team activities and tasting Slovenian wines and local delicacies.

  • 10 - 30
  • 4 hours
  • Goriška Brda
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An unforgettable adventure

Have you ever experienced Goriška Brda and brought home not only a bottle of wine, but also an amazing experience with your colleagues?

Perfect for all who want to discover something new when tasting the wines of our beautiful wine region.

Tasting is a must!

To find the hidden treasure you will need good synergy and teamwork. Only as a coordinated team will you be able to unravel the great secret. It's worth it!

Key business benefits

  • Teamwork and communication
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Networking and establishing relationships
  • High energy and fun

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