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Modern team building

Fly into the new year connected and ready for new challenges. A modern program that will excite the whole team.

Active team building

At TBA, we create innovative team building events that transform individuals into excellent co-workers and effective team members. The unique approach is based on fun learning that helps companies reach their full potential. With a creative imagination, a wide range of programs and a professional team, we can prepare an unforgettable team experience for you.

Custom events

We include corporate messages, values or strategies of our clients in our team building programs. We can prepare a well-rounded and organizationally flawless team event for small or large groups. We take care of the entire implementation - from the design of the event, to the smallest technical details.

About us

We are experts in the field of teamwork and event organization. We create and implement modern innovative team building programs and trainings that are aimed at improving the functioning of teams and entire organizations.

We create solutions for your team

Dedicated to developing innovative teambuilding programs, which help companies and teams.


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High level of professionalism, “we can do it” attitude, enthusiasm, great engagement and positive energy are the words that best describe TBA.

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We have been interested in TBA before and recently started working together. We trusted them to organize a team building program Infinite Loop. I can praise their responsiveness as well as being proactive and helpful. I recommend them to anyone who is already aware of or just beginning to realize the importance of good performance, teamwork, trust and energy.

Alen Mujkič

System Administration Manager

Johnson & Johnson

Thanks to your team for the complete organization of Big Picture program. The participants really enjoyed the event. Thanks also for the pictures we have already shared with the participants. Working with you has been a real pleasure and we will definitely recommend you to our HR colleagues and get in touch with you when we plan another team building activity.

Susan Bisco-Anderson

HR Legal & Administration


Thanks to the TBA program, my team has been able to connect even more, appreciate each other and expand awareness of their value and their qualities as a whole, as well as their contributions as individuals…

Tomasz Wieczorek

Head of PSCM

Harvey Norman

We chose Beat the Box as an 'ice-breaker' at our annual conference. It was the right decision - an extremely active start to the day that required not only the logical thinking of all participants but also the collaboration between teams. An excellent concept, pleasant dynamic and a joy at the success that only teamwork can bring, where there is no room for individualism. I strongly recommend this program to awaken leaders' awareness of the importance of teamwork.

Alenka Majcen

HR Manager

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