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TBA Forest: Our Green Pledge

Discover the TBA Forest - Our Green Pledge For every team building, we'll plant a tree, creating a forest of memories. Join our green story!

More Than Just a Value - Our Commitment to the Environment

At TBA, we have a clear goal - to be the best in the field of team building organization. Our main challenge on the path towards this goal is not other companies, but our deep commitment to protecting the environment. This year, we are embarking on the journey of our biggest environmental project to date - the TBA Forest, which goes beyond the traditional framework of team building and directly tackles the challenges of sustainable development.

We asked ourselves if our actions truly reflect the values of our green orientation. For many years, we have been environmentally conscious and have adapted our programs to minimize the burden on nature. Where possible, we minimize business trips and use sustainable materials. We have also discontinued programs from our catalog that are too environmentally controversial. However, we wanted to take a step further - not only to reduce our negative impact but to actively contribute to preserving the planet for future generations. The goal is for our company to fight as actively as possible for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) guidelines.  

What is ESG?

ESG is an English acronym that refers to the environmental (E), social (S), and governance (G) responsible behavior of companies. It is a model that helps other companies and individuals assess how an organization's operations impact the world and society.

E - The "Environmental" aspect considers energy consumption, waste generation, and pollution.

S - The "Social" aspect assesses the company's impact on the immediate and wider community with which it is in contact.

G - The "Governance" aspect relates to fair leadership and responsible direction.

We have also included an ESG category on our website, which helps you quickly identify programs that follow ESG guidelines.  

Our Socially and Environmentally Responsible Programs

TBA has always supported sustainable initiatives, but now we are taking them more seriously than ever before. In recent months, we have invested a lot of energy in developing new ESG programs. These new team building activities are designed to minimally burden the environment while being socially, environmentally, and governmentally responsible.

You can browse the entire catalog of our new team building programs at this link (in Slovenian):

💚TBA's ESG catalogue💚

From a Tree to a Forest - The Birth of a Green Legacy

The solution we found is simple, yet with a profound and lasting impact - a tree. Each tree cleans the air, protects the soil, and fights against climate change. So why not plant an entire forest? And thus, the idea of the TBA Forest was born - for every team building program conducted, we will plant a tree.

Realizing the Vision - First Steps Towards the TBA Forest

At the end of last year, we acquired land where the TBA Forest will begin to grow in the coming months. In the spring, we will plant the first trees that will grow together with our company and represent the beginning of TBA's green legacy. Each tree will be a living reminder of the teams we have helped build and our environmental goals.

The Forest Keeper - A New Role for the Director

Why did our director Dani receive an axe for his birthday? Because he is no longer just the leader of the most innovative team building agency in Slovenia, but also the keeper of the TBA Forest. The axe symbolizes his administrative role and the long-term vision of our operations.

Your Contribution to a Green Future

With each program you organize with us, you now contribute to the growth of the TBA Forest. Through our channels, you will be able to follow how the forest grows, knowing that your team building is also part of this green story. Together, we are building a sustainable future and leaving a mark we can all be proud of.

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