Beat the Box

An adventure full of imaginative challenges and "brainstorming" - hidden in a metal box. Your goal - to overcome time, tasks and yourself.

  • 10 - 180
  • 2 - 3 hours
  • Indoor

Want to play a game?

Participants receive a mysterious video message in which a strange voice challenges them to a game. Each team is faced with a metal box. Inside is a series of locked cases each containing a mystery to be revealed.

To solve the puzzle you will need the skills of each team member. 

Mobile escape room

This team program transforms every conference room or office into a modern "escape room".

Get ready for a fun adventure. What is hidden in the box and what message will the decrypted code reveal?

Key business benefits

  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Strategic planning
  • Thinking outside the box

Harvey Norman

We chose Beat the Box as an 'ice-breaker' at our annual conference. It was the right decision - an extremely active start to the day that required not only the logical thinking of all participants but also the collaboration between teams. An excellent concept, pleasant dynamic and a joy at the success that only teamwork can bring, where there is no room for individualism. I strongly recommend this program to awaken leaders' awareness of the importance of teamwork.

Alenka Majcen

HR Manager

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