This classy and unique teambuilding experience inspires unity and cooperation by transforming your team into a string orchestra in less than two hours.

  • 10 - 100
  • 2 - 3 hours
  • Indoor
Glasbeni team building

Elegant and unique

Even a seemingly impossible task can become a reality with hard work and dedication.

First the participants are introduced to their instrument, violin or viola, with the help of experienced trainers.

The participants will play together as an orchestra in just a few hours.

One goal

With each repetition and the right sound from under their fingertips, participants grow more confident and will soon play the whole song. The purpose of this musical adventure is to realize that the business symphony of a particular team sounds the best when all members are tuned in and focused on a common goal.

Key business benefits

  • Changes attitudes
  • Aligns organisations
  • Process improvement
  • Inspirational experience


After many company meetings our team participated in, we have to admit that the Crescendo program organized by TBA from Slovenia left a big impression on us. There were so many elements intertwining in such a short time that we just couldn't expect it. The program is extremely entertaining and catches everyone's attention, without exception. It lets you find talents you may not even know you have, and develops team bonds and shared focus. It certainly makes you feel great that every single person, not only had fun, but learned something new.

Senka Silov

CRM / Marketing Support

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