Online workshops

Shared experiences connect us. Through targeted interaction, we can get to know our co-workers and build trust. This is the basis for good teamwork even at a distance.

  • Small groups
  • 2 - 8 hours
  • Online

Long-distance team work

Remote work has become a part of our daily lives. But the laws of teamwork remain the same - in fact, they become even more important. A team is formed by a community of people, and we can only create a community through genuine contacts. Therefore, the planned development of virtual teams is a necessity of every organization.

We can tailor both the content and exercises to your needs and goals.

Online workshops

  • Strengthening team bonds at a distance
  • Remote leadership
  • Virtual meetings
  • Effective remote collaboration
  • Remote communication
  • An agile approach to remote teams

Online icebreakers

  • Zoom
  • On the island
  • Shipwreck survival
  • Surviving on the moon
  • Corpo cribs
  • The zin obelisk
  • Laying the foundation
  • Discover the secret agent

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