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8 key tips for everyday use in smart teams

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What separates smart teams from smart individuals and how we can translate the lessons into practice.

How smart is your team?

Do you know any team that is made up of brilliant individuals but does not achieve the desired or expected results? Have you ever found yourself in a situation where an otherwise smart individual on the team has rejected teamwork? Did you achieve above average results with average members in a well-organized team?

Psychologists have long known that individuals vary in their cognitive abilities. They are smarter than others. They attribute this to both genetic predisposition and environmental influences, notably education and cultural influences. However, when it comes to teams, the question is how and why some teams are smarter than others. While some teams produce great results and fill members with satisfaction, other "teams" are trapped in a series of endless meetings and grunting individuals. Based on scientific knowledge and many years of practice, I will present to you the most important components of a smart team.

It takes a lot of energy, mental and emotional effort to overcome all obstacles and reach this highest level of team development. Is it really worth it then? Ask members of the smart teams. They will tell you "Of course." Working in such teams is inspiring, constantly developing in them, and above all helping to develop others. Ask the business boards and you will get the same answer. Teams like these give you the best results you could never imagine.

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