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Hybrid team building

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Hybrid team buildings enable people to experience the benefits of face to face interactions in spite of being situated in different locations.

In the organizations, where a combination of work from home and office work was put in practise, a new structure of working teams can be noticed. Hybrid teams consists of emloyees working from the office and those working from remote locations (could be also in different countries). Some work from home, others from one or more different offices. For an effective cooporation it is of great importance to provide opportunities for trust building and fun in such teams.

Hybrid team buildings enable people to experience the benefits of face to face interactions in spite of being situated in different locations. The remote teams can therefor bond through a set of intentionally designed activities, which enables participation of all team members. Each of them is given a special role and responsibility, however to successfully accomplish the given task, high degree of cooporation among them is needed. The activities imitate the work of remote teams and can therefor result in improvement in the hybrid team's dynamic as well as bring much laughter. 

Zoom call team building project phoenix

1. Hybrid team building: Project Phoenix

Teams must unlock checkpoints, which enables them to get 12 golden feathers and discover the final location of the Phoenix's nest. Some participants take the role of the hunters and are exploring the streets with the help of the GPS application. Meanwhile the rest of the participants in the home base are the Pickers who are solving the challenges discovered on the checkpoints.  


participants on location go team team building

2. Hybrid team building: Go Team

Once the team finds a checkpoint, they unlock a challenge which can either be a question, photo challenge or a next clue. Upon submiting the right answers, teams are rewarded with points. Teams are simultaneously trying to get as many points as possible while also tracking the progress and location of other teams through a web platform. An activity enables participants to be in smaller teams and explore the hidden gems of Slovenia with enough of a safety distance. 


participants building a chain reaction

3. Hybrid team building: Chain reaction

Chain reaction is an excelent program, which emphesises the cooporation of remote teams. Each team in remote locations builds their own segment of the sequence which is later connected to the other teams. This is done through a video montage, where the individual sequences are combined into one big team chain reaction. 



app game heroes of troy

4. Hybrid team building: Heroes of Troy

Heroes of Troy is a strategic game, where the meaning of cooporation, clear comunication and fast adaptation to the circumstances are emphasized. Participants travel back in time of Troyan war and help Paris and Helen on their way to Troy. On the way, they will encounter danger and unforseen events. 


participant editing video

5. Hybrid team building: Blockbuster

Each team is given an assignment to record a short version of a known film- connected to the chosen theme. First they must use their creativity to come up with a story, write a script and divide the roles among the team members. Once the clips are recorded, the team must do a film montage and edit the final version of the movie, which is later presented to the rest of the teams. 



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